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Megamoon Film Title

Megamoon Premiere: A time for reflection

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We have been feeling the love! After 12 months of post production (with plenty of breaks in between) our film Megamoon was finally ready to submit to Kendal Mountain Festival. It premiered last Friday with screenings again on Saturday and Sunday. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know the film tells my personal story of “a road trip of sorts but ultimately a journey by bike where love and adventure come together.” Essentially, it’s the story of our three month honeymoon where we begin by paddling the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and then hop onto mountain bikes to pedal the US Transcontinental Great Divide. We start in a hot and sunny New Mexico desert and finish in a snowy mountain filled Alberta.
It was my first time screening a film as part of the KMF international film competition and you could say I was a little nervous.  It’s been such a personal project full of emotional highs and lows. At times during editing I would think it was nothing more than a holiday video and I’d find myself questioning who the hell would want to watch this 19  minute story other than my mum and dad.  I stuck with it.  With the luxury of no sponsors or clients insisting on deadlines I was able to give myself  6 weeks or even 2 month breaks between editing and I found this helped provide a very useful perspective.  Being so closely wrapped up in the story can mess with your head…it’s impossible to ever view the film as a stranger but you have to try.
I’ve rarely had the chance to watch my films on a big screen with an audience and on the few occasions I have it’s been super rewarding. Thankfully the Kendal Mountain Festival didn’t disappoint. There’s additional pressure that you are shown alongside some big budget, super talented filmmakers but that is also part of the joy.  It’s a mountain festival and a great community where everyone has at least a basic interest in the outdoors and genuinely want filmmakers to succeed. I’m not the greatest public speaker and I usually like to let my work do the talking but I was asked to present the film before it was shown – it’s one of the perks of a festival. Despite my nerves I knew it had to be done, with Patrick by my side I managed to introduce the film on the Saturday.  On the Sunday we introduced the film again but with a short Q&A afterwards. I was in my element! My nerves had vanished and the presenter had to shuffle me off the podium despite me pointing at more people in the crowd with questions. Sadly we had run out of time.
With that it was time to return home. Over the course of the weekend we had numerous strangers approach us with positive comments and congratulations.  One lady even told me

“the film gave me shivers and just made me want to go!”

There’s no better praise. We had enjoyed our 19 minutes of fame but it had been so much more. I had told our personal story about the things that make life worth living which had genuinely connected with other people. It’s all I could have hoped for.   We found out we were 5th place in the Peoples Choice Award which is astounding given our film was made with no budget and only shown twice before the voting closed.





Since getting back from the festival the interest in Megamoon has continued.  People from as far as America and South Africa have emailed asking where and when they can see the film or if they can host there own local screening.  So that’s the next things on my agenda.  I’ve entered the film into a few more festivals in the UK and America so fingers crossed. The absence of sponsors which was so positive earlier becomes a little more of a challenge now.  My voice is only small. So one last thing I would ask is please share the love.  If you have seen the film or would like to host a screening please get in touch. Generally just tweet or just talk about it. You can send me a message via this little contact form.

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