Maia Media | The Zest Life Yoga Retreats
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The Zest Life Yoga Retreats

About This Project

  • Storyboard
  • Filming
  • Editing & Post Production

The Zest Life wanted a video to showcase their Yoga retreats in Wales. These are short breaks run throughout the year and sometimes combining multiple activities. Using the Zest Life’s five key words – revitalise, nourish, nurture, inspire & rebalance – we set about creating a short film to encapsulate the uniqueness of a Welsh yoga retreat.  From the beginning we knew we would use slow motion steadicam footage to create a feel feeling of flow and calmness. As are many of our clients at the moment, Laura was keen to incorporate aerial footage into the film to really highlight the rugged beauty of the Welsh retreats.




September 07, 2015