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Maia Media is a UK based independent production company. We are storytellers who love outdoor adventures, action sports, travel and lifestyle. We film the stuff that makes life worth living.
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Ellis Brigham 80th Year Video

  |   Adventure, Film   |   No comment

Ellis Brigham wanted to bring their interesting 80 year history alive and celebrate achievements as a successful family business.  It's been a long journey since 1933 when Fredrick Ellis Brigham set up shop making cycling and running shoes and we soon realised there was a wealth of...

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Gone Swimming Filmmaking

  |   Adventure, Filmmaking   |   No comment

Back in February we were asked along to a Gone Swimming 'Wet Weekend'. Essentially a mini holiday in North Wales where you get explore, hike swim and and eat. The ingredients for a great weekend. Being February this weekend was particularly frosty. Camera man Patrick...

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