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Maia Media is a UK based independent production company. We are storytellers who love outdoor adventures, action sports, travel and lifestyle. We film the stuff that makes life worth living.
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Ellis Brigham 80th Year Video

  |   Adventure, Film   |   No comment

Ellis Brigham wanted to bring their interesting 80 year history alive and celebrate achievements as a successful family business.  It's been a long journey since 1933 when Fredrick Ellis Brigham set up shop making cycling and running shoes and we soon realised there was a wealth of...

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Contemplating Autumn

  |   Adventure, Film, Travel   |   No comment

Life is not always a gnarly adventure. Having hurt my knee whilst mountain biking in September I’ve had a lot of time to relax and think. My pace of life has slowed considerably. This little film was shot over 4 days in West Wales. The...

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Christmas Pie

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[video type="youtube" url="" /] We recently worked with The Vegetarian Society who actively support, represent and increase the number of vegetarians in the UK. They run annual campaigns at Christmas encouraging people to ditch the turkey in favour of delicious vegetarian options.  They’ve over a 100 meat-free recipes to search...

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