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Hello China

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I’ve wanted to visit China for years.  It’s a country with long rich history and it’s most definitely a major player on the world stage right now. A staggering 20% of the world population are Chinese!  So in 2015 we were pretty chuffed to get an invitation.  We had the chance to visit with our film Megamoon as part of the very wonderful Kendal Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2015 –

Our three week visit was jam packed with things to do, talks to give, films to watch, autographs to sign (yes really!), and delicious food to sample. This film represents a collection of memories from our three week trip. China is most definitely a country of contrasts. From quiet swaying bamboo forests to crazy loud ear assaulting city traffic.  Sometimes I felt my senses were completely overloaded but perhaps this is how it should be when you visit a culture so very different from your own.  If your lucky enough to visit make time to speak and engage with local people. China is a country full of young people and they are very creatively making things happen.

With our lovely hosts we were lucky enough to visit Shanghai, Wenzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and Yangshou all of which are featured in some small way within the film.


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